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We merge your creative ideas with our products to create something new and unique, which will serve to give an additional boost to your e-commerce, reaching new horizons and creating new ideas.

Increase your sales by integrating our products into your workflow, in this way you reduce hours by integrating complex modules, you manage to create new ways to sell and inform and also expand the possibilities of selling on your website, which transforms into more sales and better QoS.

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Our Products

We sell solutions that allows you to expand your e-commerce.


Display and save all the attributes from an URL in one main product, and show it gracefully in your cart page. Cart.js based integration.

Flamingo Collect

Interactive solution for store pickup. Display maps, add your stores, customize it, add new ways to reach to your customers and more!

Coming Soon!
Store Searcher

Help your customers to reach your store easily, maps, opening and closing hours, directions, URLs and many more, fully customizable.

Coming Soon!
Checkout Optimizer

Improve your checkout page with additional fields, customizables notes, datepickers for shipping and dynamic coupon codes.

Coming Soon!

Frequently asked questions

We collected the most frequently doubts, and here are the answers.

Who were these products made for?

These products were made for Shopify users who need an impulse or who need to expand their way of sell, also, allows you to add new flows that Shopify actually can't process by itself.

Why does these apps are not on the Shopify Appstore?

We promote honesty, so as many other apps in these days, in order to avoid paying high commissions, and keep our integration process easy for you, we decided to quit from Shopify Appstore.

Is my money safe?

All of our transactions are processed by Paypal, so you can ensure that all of our process are trusted and secure.

How can I unsubscribe from one of your products?

Contact us via email, and within 24 hours you will be unsubscribed from the product you requested.

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