A Cart.js solution for your attributes

All your products as attributes in one URL

Display and save all the attributes in one main product. Adding all the products you need as attributes in one main product helps you to create product packages, created from a single add to cart process

Configure your integration to add all the products that you need from an URL, this is something Shopify can't handle, but in Flamingo Tech we worked hard to add a new way to add these attributes, using a complex development with Cart.js is essential for keeping your code fast and free of hard coding.

Let the magic begins

A simple as having in an URL your main product and the complements:

<a id="addcart" href="[]=40510570725531&id[]=40510570725531&id[]=40510570987675&id[]=40510571315355&id[]=40510574657691">

You will be able to wrap all the products in only one main product, that will display the others as attributes:

Think out of the box

Also with a few tweaks you can only display the main product, this way is much more easier for the user to identify the package that is purchasing:

Plus members

Even more customization for the checkout page (Shopify Plus members only):

Let's begin

You can request for a full demo to test if Attributify fits well in you enviroment, if you have any issue you can contact us and we'll try to integrate Attributify in you website properly. If you have the demo and want to use it every day after trial period, we will charge you monthly to keep your integration fully working. You can unsubscribe when you want.

1. Request a Demo

If you haven't the code yet, drop your e-mail and we will give you all the tools for the integration, since you receive the email, your trial period will start (15 days)

Fill the form and get the demo:


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2. App Subscription

If Attributify is working properly in your website, consider to subscribe in order to keep the app working. We will charge you each month only for the usage of the app. Once the payment is done, you will have a license code of our application and you will receive a order number, please save the order number, you will use it later.

Note: We suggest you to have a Paypal account, in order to have all the details of the charges. You also can pay with debit or credit card without Paypal account (Available only in some countries).


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3. Connecting your app ID with your website

It's time to finish the process! To complete the integration and keep everything in order, we need some information from your purchase. We will send you an email, just to make sure that the order was processed successfully, the app ID was linked with your Shopify store and your integration is working as expected, also to activate your subscription in our databases. So we'll need:

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Order number (the one you received when subscribed, also visible in your subscription emails as "Profile ID")

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